Kristen Stewart Net Worth, Awards and Earnings [Updated 2023]

Kristen Stewart worked as a child actor and became one of the biggest Hollywood stars through the Twilight movie series. Moreover, she worked for occasional studio blockbusters and small independent movies. She considers making money as a high school game, according to a statement given by her.

Kristen became famous internationally by playing Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga. We will come to it later. Born in Los Angeles, California, Kristen Jaymes Stewart has received a Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award, a César Award, and a British Academy Film Award. She came into the limelight at twelve through Panic Room (2002).

Kristen’s family worked for the film industry. Her mother is a script supervisor and filmmaker, and her father is a television producer and stage manager. She has an older biological brother, Cameron B. Stewart, and two adopted brothers, Taylor and Dana. Her parents divorced in 2012 after twenty-seven years of marriage.

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Beginning Of Kristen Stewart’s Career

Kristen was brought up in San Fernando Valley, where she attended the local high school before moving toward acting. Thus, Kristen completed her graduation through education by distance after the seventh grade.

Kristen’s parents are non-actors. However, she thought of becoming an actor and getting into the limelight. An agent saw her acting in her high school’s Christmas play. She was eight years old. Still, she had to go through auditions for a year before landing a tiny role on Disney Channel’s The Thirteenth Year. The television film was released in 1999, and Kristen played the Girl in Fountain Line.

Kristen appeared as the Ring Toss Girl in The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000). The American romantic comedy film was a box-office bomb after collecting only $59.5 million. She appeared as a tomboy in two following films, The Safety of Objects (2001) and Panic Room (2002). The former grossed only $319,299, while the latter grossed $197.1 million.

Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan In Twilight
Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan In Twilight (Credit: Summit Entertainment)

Moreover, Kristen got a Young Artist Award for her role in the Panic Room. Further, she appeared as Kristen Tilson in an American thriller, Cold Creek Manor (2003), which did not perform better at the box office. It collected only $29.1 million and got negative reviews for its predictable plot that ruins the suspense. However, Kristen received a nomination for the Young Artist Award for her role in Cold Creek Manor.

Acting began taking a toll on Kristen’s studies. Thus, she preferred homeschooling. She played supporting roles till this point. So, Catch That Kid (2004), a family action comedy film, turned the first to cast her in the lead role of an expert climber, Madeline “Maddy” Rose Phillips. The film grossed only $17 million, and viewers compared it to the Spy Kids trilogy. Kristen was fourteen at that time.

Kristen appeared in a supporting role, Lila, in Undertow (2004) and got mixed reviews, grossing $157,000 at the box office. One of her notable characters was Melinda Sordino, the lead character in Speak (2004), an American coming-of-age teen drama. It is the story of a teenager who gets physically assaulted by her senior at the high school. People praised Kristen’s performance in the film.

Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005), an American science fiction adventure film, was a flop because its budget was $62 million and grossed only $62.1 million. Kristen appeared as Lisa in Zathura, which received positive reviews, though her performance did not draw viewers’ attention.

Fierce People (2005), which portrayed Kristen as Maya Langley, got negative reviews. Kristen bagged the lead role, Jessica “Jess” Solomon, in a supernatural horror film, The Messengers (2007), that got positive reviews and grossed $55 million at the box office.

Kristen received mixed reviews for playing a teenager, Lucy Hardwicke, in a romantic comedy-drama film, In The Land of Women (2007). She played the tiny role of Tracy in a biographical adventure drama film, Into The Wild (2007), and received mixed reviews. Further, Kristen appeared as Sophie, David’s younger half-sister, in Jumper (2008), a science fiction action film. It was a box office hit and grossed $225.1 million.

What Just Happened (2008), an American satirical comedy-drama film, portrayed Kristen as Zoe. The film is about Art Linson’s experience as a producer in Hollywood. It did not perform well at the box office because it grossed only $6.7 million, though its budget was $25 million. Kristen’s performance as the leading character, Georgia Kaminski, in an independent drama film, The Cake Eaters (2007), received positive reviews.

Kristen In Twilight

Summit Entertainment announced Kristen’s role as Bella Swan in Twilight in November 2007. The director confirmed her role after a quick screen test while she was filming for Adventureland. Twilight (2008) is an American romantic fantasy film focusing on vampires, their internal fights, and a human.

Twilight grossed $408.4 million at the box office. Some viewers found Kristen an ideal choice for the character, and some praised her. However, some viewers criticized her for lacking facial expressions. On the other hand, critics praised her on-screen chemistry with her co-star, Robert Pattison, who played Edward Cullen. Viewers appreciated his performance and said he was cast cleverly for the film.

Kristen again appeared as Bella Swan in Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) and Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010). She got mixed reviews for New Moon, and some even found her a disappointment that sucks the energy out of the film. Reviews for Eclipse show that the viewers liked Kristen’s performance.

Kristen played Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011). According to some viewers, she beautifully underplayed the role. Her on-screen chemistry with Robert Pattison appeared sad and fake in the film. It grossed $712.2 million.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012) became the sixth highest-grossing film of the year and had mixed reviews. Distributed by Summit Entertainment, the film collected $846.6 million. It is how Kristen became the highest-paid actress that year.

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Kristen’s Further Succes

Adventureland (2009) is another notable film in Kristen’s career. She appeared as Em Lewin opposite Jesse Eisenberg, who played James Brennan. Em Levin’s mother dies of cancer, and her father, a wealthy lawyer, marries another woman. However, Em hates her stepmother. She works at a theme park to live independently.

Em Lewin secretly begins a relationship with the maintenance manager in the theme park but breaks up when people learn about their relationship. The main story starts when she falls in love with James Brennan. Adventureland performed moderately at the box office by grossing only $17.2 million. Kristen’s eyes spoke, and viewers praised her for her beauty and experience. However, some viewers were disappointed by her acting.

Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana In Spencer
Kristen Stewart As Princess Diana In Spencer (Credit: Neon)

Further, Kristen starred in an independent drama film, The Yellow Handkerchief (2008). It was released at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008 and The United States in 2010. She also starred in Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways the same year. To portray Joan Jett in The Runways, Kristen met her in person.

Kristen prepared for the role and pre-recorded songs. She was praised for her terrific performance and for capturing Jett’s icy swag and how Jett used to be tough from the outside and cooler from the inside swag. Some viewers said that Kristen took the soul of Twilight and put it in The Runaways. She won the BAFTA Rising Star Award in 2010.

Kristen represented an unnamed Balenciaga perfume in January 2012 and starred as Snow White alongside Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Bob Hoskins, and Sam Claflin in Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). It was the directorial debut of Rupert Sanders. Snow White and the Huntsman was made with $10 million and grossed $396.6 million.

According to some viewers, Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) takes a dark turn on the original Snow White story. It captures the part of the story that scares the children. The film has uneven acting and a tangled script. On the other hand, some found it clever and feminist. Charlize Theron played Queen Ravenna and showed anger appropriately.

Kristen transformed perfectly from a shy girl to a warrior princess. One reviewer stated how she won his heart by growing into her character. Thus, Theron and Kristen were praised for their performances in the film.

Kristen played Mary Lou in On The Road (2012), an adventure drama film. It had a limited release and grossed $8.8 million. The film is based on a novel, but some viewers find it too respectful to capture the energy from the novel. According to a critic, Kristen did not have much to do in the film. She had some moments of passion but underplayed her character and did not put much energy into it.

However, other critics praised Kristen. She only tried to re-establish her promising character as she did with Twilight and Into the Wild. Some even consider her a live wire and perfect for the role in On The Road (2012). She became the ‘new face’ for Chanel’s Western-inspired fashion collection in 2013.

Kristen appeared as PFC Amy Cole in Camp X-Ray (2014), an independent drama film. It was her first film of the year. Made with $1 million, the film grossed only $60,581 at the box office. Viewers appreciated how Kristen portrayed inexperienced military personnel against Maadi’s challenging acting.

Kristen’s character includes hidden courage and vulnerability, which makes her one of the finest actresses, according to some viewers. She barely moved a muscle on her face and still depicted changes in her mood in the close-ups. Thus, she received a nomination as the Best Actress by Women Films Critics Circle.

Kristen played Valentine in the psychological drama film, Clouds of Sils Maria (2014). Some reviewers think it might be Kristen’s best role till 2014. Valentine showed her involvement at some moments and not for others. She brilliantly handled the sudden twists in the film. Accordingly, she won the César Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Meanwhile, Kristen played Lydia Howland in Still Alice (2014), an American drama film. Kristen and Julianne Moore, who played Lydia Howland, were praised for their performances in Still Alice. Made with $4-5 million, Still Alice grossed $4.8 million at the box office.

Kristen appeared in Anesthesia (2016), Equals (2015), American Ultra (2015), Once and Forever (2016), Certain Women (2016), Café Society (2016), Personal Shopper (2016), Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016), and a music video, Ride ‘Em on Down. She was honored at the New York Film Festival and Elle’s Women in Hollywood Awards in 2016.

Kristen made her directorial debut through her short film Come Swim (2017). She also served as the writer for the film, and it received mixed reviews. Some viewers considered it a bad dream, while some appreciated its sharp, disciplined, old-fashioned presentation in a surrealist way.

Kristen also played Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales, in Spencer. For that, she worked with a dialect coach and received two award nominations for her performance. She played Timlin, a crime investigator for a science fiction body horror drama, Crime of the Future (2022). It grossed only $4.6 million and could not perform well at the box office.

Kristen Stewart As Snow White In Snow White and the Huntsman
Kristen Stewart As Snow White In Snow White and the Huntsman (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Kristen’s Upcoming Work

Hereafter, Kristen will make her feature film directorial debut by writing and directing for The Chronology of Water, based on a memoir by Lidia Yuknavitch. Meanwhile, Ben Foster will make his directorial debut through an untitled film. Kristen will play Joan Vollmer, an influential female member of the early Beat Generation circle.

Ben Foster will play a role in his upcoming film, alongside Kristen, based on William S. Burroughs’ letters and early works. Burroughs was a visual artist and an influential author in pop culture and literature. Love Lies Bleeding, directed by Rose Glass, is an upcoming romantic thriller film.

Kristen announced her involvement in Love Lies Bleeding in March 2022 because she is a fan of Rose Glass’ psychological horror film Saint Maud (2019). However, her casting in the Saint Maud was announced officially in April. Principal photography occurred in June 2022, and production was completed by August 2022.

Working for a biopic is not new for Kristen. Accordingly, she will appear in an upcoming biopic, Sontag, as Susan Sontag, an American philosopher, political activist, and writer. She published novels, and especially essays. Kristen will also appear in a road trip comedy, Sacramento, alongside Michael Cera, the Canadian actor.

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Kristen Stewart Net Worth

Kristen Stewart’s Net Worth In 2023 is $70 million. For the first Twilight installment, she got over $2 million. Her payment for one Twilight movie went to $12.5 million with a total of $25 million beside 7.5% back points, including royalties.

Twilight Part One made $712.2 million at the box office, and Part Two made $830 million. So, her back points reached $53 million and $62 million for the first and the second part, respectively. She made another $9.5 million through Snow White and the Huntsman in 2012. By that year, her total earnings were $34.5 million, making her world’s highest-paid actress, according to Forbes.

Kristen’s net worth was $70 million last year. It is still more than Noami Watts, whose net worth is $35 million, and Emma Corin, worth $1 million. However, Robert Pattison is the only Twilight star with the highest net worth ($100 million).

Kristen purchased a 3,361-square-foot mansion worth $2.2 million near Los Feliz, Los Angeles. This mansion, with four-and-a-half bathrooms, a swimming pool, a fire pit, and four bedrooms, is closer to the one she used to share with Robert Pattison.

Kristen purchased a 6,000-square-foot house worth $ 4.8 million in Malibu in 2013 and sold it for $8.3 million in 2020, though she wanted to sell it for $9.5 million. Further, she purchased two lofts in 2017 for $5.6 million in New York City and another for $6 million in Los Angeles.

Kristen owns a Mini Cooper worth $32,000, a Ford Edge worth $29,000, a Porsche 911 Turbo S worth $190,000, a Chevrolet Suburban worth $67,000, a BMW X5 worth $60,000, and a Toyota Prius worth $30,000.

Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart, And The Controversial Photo Of Kristen And Rupert Sanders
Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart, And The Controversial Photo Of Kristen And Rupert Sanders (Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty, POPSUGAR UK)


Kristen helped those affected by Hurricane Sandy through the Robin Hood Foundation. For that, she signed and donated a dress she wore in the Twilight franchise to the CharityBuzz auction in 2012.

Kristen met a prince from the Middle East for fifteen minutes and raised $500,000 to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief in 2017. In 2016, she met biuldOn, a non-profit, to build a school in Nicaragua. She aimed to help the poor children fight poverty and get educated.

Kristen Stewart’s Personal Life

Kristen Stewart identifies as feminist and bisexual. However, the latter confuses her. She was advised not to show affection to her girlfriend publicly as it might affect the roles offered to her, but she will not work with people with such a mentality. She has been through many relationships and break-ups.

While filming Fierce People (2005), Kristen met the late Anton Yelchin, who died at twenty-seven of blunt traumatic asphyxia, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office in 2016. After having her first heartbreak, she met Michael Angarano on the set of Speak (2004)—the duo dated from 2005 to early 2009.

After a few months, Kristen was reportedly in a relationship with Robert Pattison. She finds it stupid. Meanwhile, Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight, warned Pattison against their relationship because Kristen was under eighteen, and a relationship with her would have caused him trouble, but Robert calmed her.

Robert and Kristen’s relationship included on-again, off-again dating till they broke up in May 2013. She got accused of cheating on Robert with Rupert Sanders, the Snow White and the Huntsman director, who was married to Liberty Ross and had two children in Los Angeles. Pictures depicting Rupert kissing Kristen were released, and his wife deactivated her Twitter account after tweeting ‘Wow.’

Kristen issued a public statement apologizing to Robert after the day the photos were released. According to her, it was a momentary indiscretion. On the other hand, Rupert apologized to his beautiful wife and heavenly children through a public statement. Robert was depressed and did not know what to do.

Robert came into the limelight with Kristen through Twilight. Kristen was angry at her and did not blame anyone. Two months later, in September 2012, the couple appeared together at the Red Carpet for the premiere of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 after a dramatic makeup. Robert still loved her, and they were working on their relationship.

Robert and Kristen finally separated in May 2013, reportedly due to her selfishness, moodiness, and cheating. After their break-up, Robert dated Suki Waterhouse, an actor and model, and Kristen started dating Alicia Cargile, the visual effects producer, in mid-2013. However, Kristen did not speak about her relationship with Alicia for a year.

The circus surrounding Kristen and Robert’s break-up made her speak publicly about her next relationship. However, she did not keep it low-key for not being proud of the relationship. Thus, she talked about it in mid-2016. She dated the French singer, actress, dancer, and songwriter Soko for two months till May 2016, and then broke up.

Kristen continued her relationship with Alicia in mid-2016. She dated Stella Maxwell from December 2016 to late 2018. Stella is a Belgian-born Northern Irish model fluent in French and English. She holds New Zealand, Irish, and British citizenship. Immediately, Kristen started dating stylist Sara Dinkin and resumed dating Stella in mid-2019.

Dylan Meyer And Kristen Stewart
Dylan Meyer And Kristen Stewart (Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty)

Kristen And Dylan Meyer

In August 2019, Kristen was in a relationship with Dylan Meyer, a screenwriter. After a long roller coaster of relationships, Kristen reportedly engaged to her in May 2021. Dylan has been working for Hollywood but came into the limelight when Kristen started dating her. Her father, Nicholas Meyer, is an Oscar-nominated screenwriter.

Recently, Dylan worked on the screenplay for Netflix’s coming-of-age film, Moxie. She met Kristen on a set in 2013 and connected through a mutual friend. Dylan proposed to Kristen in a park. Talking about the absence of masculinity between them, Kristen said that they do not think about it.

Kristen and Dylan are from Los Angeles, and they love it. They were photographed kissing on New York City’s street curb, one month after Kristen separated from Stella. Dylan posted their kissing picture on Instagram in October 2019. In April 2022, she posted another of them kissing over a birthday cake on Kristen’s thirty-second birthday.

Dylan shared three sweet photos of her and Kristen on Valentine’s Day in 2023 after having a night at the casino. The couple likes to keep much of its relationship private. However, people saw them together at the Oscar Party, and Dylan gazed at Kristen when the latter got nominated for the best actress for playing Princess Diana in Spencer.

Kristen and Dylan walked the red carpet together at the 2022 Academy Awards. The former appreciates the latter for being a brilliant screenwriter. Moreover, they are working on a new TV show where Dylan will write, and Kristen will play the lead character. Reportedly, Dylan completed writing for the first episode within two weeks.

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