Laws of Attraction Episode 8: Release Date, Recap & Preview

Laws of Attraction Episode 8 will be out soon. The boy love drama with murder mystery is headed towards its final episode. The drama revolves around Charn, a lawyer, driven by money and power. He takes high-profile cases and tries to win them by any means, be it unethical.

He meets Tinn, the uncle of a young girl, Tonkhao, who dies in a hit-and-run case but is not served justice. Both of them join hands against the powerful MP Thatthep and his son Thaenthai, whom Charn used to work for earlier. Despite the challenges and differences they have, they grow closer than ever.

Laws of Attraction Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with Charn leaving for Bangkok with the plushie. Midway, he hears the recording in the doll. We get to see a flashback scene of how things would have occurred when Tonkhao was brutally murdered. Tonkhao was walking past the warehouse where a reporter was trying to negotiate with Thatthep.

When he blackmails Thatthep for money, he shoots him instead, and Tonkhao witnesses everything.

She tries to escape and run as fast as she can, but Thatthep uses Thaenthai’s car to hit Tonkhao. The heartless father also shifts the entire blame on his son, framing the incident as an accident.

After finding out the truth, Charn loses his cool. Before he could do anything about it, Wit attacks him. He is determined to kill Charn as he considers him responsible for destroying in life. Just in time, Pai is able to save Charn. When he wakes up at his place, he gets to know that the villagers are on his side to fight the headman and tycoon.

Tinn arrives there worried for Charn, but he is relieved to find him safe. Both of them visit Charn’s old friend Nawin, who is nearly a psychopath.

Soon, Tinn finds out that Nawin is Charn’s ex, and he admits his insecurity in front of his boyfriend. Charn reassures Tinn that everything between him and Nawin is over from his side.

Later, Charn calls Rose to seek her help in protecting Tinn and Grandma once he is gone. He spends some sweet time with Tinn, and as he calls asleep, Charn handcuffs his arm, ties it to the bed, and leaves in silence so that Tinn does not follow him. Before Charn leaves, Nawin has a surprise for him, and it is none other than Wit covered in blood.

Laws of Attraction
Laws of Attraction(Credits: One31)

As Nawin is about to punish him more, Charn asks him to let go of the man because he believes that he is responsible for Wit’s actions. Charn tries to guide him to find a better way for power and money instead of the path he chose. Charn is about to leave when Tinn arrives.

Nawin tries to stop him by saying mean things like Charn has used him and does not love him, but Tinn is not ready to believe.

Even when Charn repeats the hurtful things, Tinn wants him to look into his eyes and say he does not love him. Charn fails miserably and breaks down, hugging Tinn.

He tells Tinn that Nawin will drop him home in two days and everything will be fine. Charn leaves as Tinn keeps begging him to stop.

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Laws of Attraction Episode 8 Preview

In the next episode, viewers will not get a minute to breathe with the twists in the finale. Charn will arrive at the warehouse to meet Thatthep, and he has his plan ready to end it all. Thee and Thaenthai will be in a tough spot but try to reunite safely for the sake of love for their beloved. Nawin will give Tinn the opportunity to leave and meet Charn, but only if he beats him.

Laws of Attraction Episode 8 Release Date

The episodes of Laws of Attraction are aired every Saturday. Episode 8 will be out on Saturday, 2 September 2023, at 8:15 PM Thailand Standard Time. For other regions:

  • Central Standard Time (US): 8:15 AM(Saturday, 2 September 2023)
  • Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): 9:15 AM (Saturday, 2 September 2023)
  • Greenwich Mean Time (UK): 1:15 PM (Saturday, 2 September 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 6:45 PM (Saturday, 2 September 2023)
  • Korean Time (South Korea): 10:15 PM (Saturday, 2 September 2023)
  • China Standard Time (China): 9:15 PM (Saturday, 2 September 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 10:15 PM (Saturday, 2 September 2023)
  • Australian Central Standard Time (Australia): 10:45 PM (Saturday, 2 September 2023)

Watch Laws of Attraction Episode 8: Streaming Guide

Native viewers can watch Laws of Attraction episodes on One31, the local network of Thailand, whereas the show can also be enjoyed by international viewers on iQIYI, but a VPN will be required to access the app outside China and Taiwan. Moreover, you can enjoy episodes of this show on One31’s YouTube channel.

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