Live Q&A tonight: How can we improve workplace accessibility?

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But prejudices remain.

The B.C. Office of the Human Rights Commissioner ran a campaign a year ago aimed at reducing discrimination against people with disabilities. More than 40 per cent of human rights complaints over the decade were based on disabilities, the largest share of complaints filed with the Human Rights Tribunal.

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There is more than can be done to improve workplace accessibility and encourage hiring.

The Vancouver Sun in partnership with Conversations Live has assembled an outstanding panel of people who advocate for workplace accessibility from a variety of perspectives.

Bookmark this story and come back at 7 p.m. tonight to watch the discussion:

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You can also submit your questions to host Stuart McNish and our six panelists here:

The panelists are:

• Stephanie Cadieux, former B.C. MLA who was appointed Canada’s first chief accessibility officer last year

• Charlotte-Anne Malischewski, lawyer and interim chief commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

• Mark Wafer, disability rights activist and keynote speaker

• Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia, founder and director of the Pacific Autism Network

• Parm Hari, vice-president (People, Process and Performance) for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

• Kathleen Reid, founder & chief communications officer of Switchboard PR

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