Rod Stewart’s Candid Take: Ed Sheeran And Modern Music

Rod Stewart has expressed skepticism about Ed Sheeran’s longevity in the music industry. In a recent interview, the 79-year-old icon discussed which current musicians he believes will stand the test of time — and Ed Sheeran, 32, may not be among them.

When asked if he thinks contemporary musicians are creating timeless songs, Stewart responded, “I’m sure they are,” before pointing to his own 1971 hit: “You mean like ‘Maggie May’? Songs that will be played in 50 years?”

Rod Stewart (Credit: Irish Mirror)

“I like whatshisname,” continued Stewart, forgetting a certain musician’s name. “Oh f—ing great, Rod. Well done. He’s British, really talented and his songs will be around.”

The reporter asked if he was looking to recall Sheeran’s name. “No, not Ed, I don’t know any of his songs, old ginger bollocks. Jesus,” responded Stewart, still trying to remember another artist’s name.

During the interview, Stewart spontaneously started singing the lyrics, “I’ll be riding shotgun,” which the journalist recognized as part of George Ezra’s 2018 hit “Shotgun.”

“Yes! I think he writes really tremendous songs,” said Stewart of Ezra. “He’ll be around for quite a while.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the former Faces member discussed his perspective on the challenges of achieving success as a musician in today’s industry compared to when he first entered the scene in the 1960s.

Rod Stewart (Credit: YouTube)

“We were brave in those days to go into the music business,” said Stewart. “We didn’t know where it would take us but record companies were different. They would give you a try.”

Stewart expressed his belief that contemporary artists’ motivations may not be as genuine as those of his generation. “Also, the people I came up with — the Stones, Elton — we all came into it because we loved the music,” he shared.”

Money and fame didn’t factor — it was a burning ambition to sing. That may have changed,” Stewart continued. “Now it’s more, ‘Ooh, let’s have a go at music. I don’t even have to play well. Maybe I’ll get rich.’ Fame comes before everything. All kids want is fame.”


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