Who Is Bada Lee? The South Korean Choreographer Opens Up About Her Friendship With BTS V

Recently, before BTS idol V enlisted in the mandatory South Korean military service, he got spotted with a choreographer. Where? At the Noice event. Well, she is the one Bada Lee. But what’s her identity? 

Bada Lee has already garnered massive recognition and prominence in the Kpop industry. But she went viral for her friendship with the aforesaid BTS singer. We shall get to that later. Talking about Bada Lee, she has worked with many Kpop groups, including Blackpink, NCT, EXO, etc. 

It was not just V but also Goff, with whom Bada Lee was recently spotted. The trio seemed to share a very friendly bond as they conversed well. To be more particular, the eagle-eyed fans noticed them, hanging out freely and attending the fashion brand Noice’s Popup store event. They even danced together, having great fun together.  

Fans, surprised by their friendly appearances, took the discussion to their respective social media. Several clips of Bada Lee, V, and Goff went viral, making everyone seek more details about the South Korean choreographer. So, who is she? Here is everything we know. 

Who Is Bada Lee?
V (Credits: @thv/Instagram)

Meet Bada Lee And Her Friendship Details With The BTS Taehyung Aka V

Birthday, Age, Zodiac Sign, Birthplace

Bada Lee celebrates her birthday every year on 22 September. The dancer was born in 1995, and she is now 28 years old. Well, that makes her zodiac sign – Virgo. Her birthplace is not known exactly, but she hails from South Korea itself. 

Professional Details

Concerning Bada Lee’s professional details, one must note that her journey was not easy. She didn’t just become a choreographer in a single day but worked pretty hard to achieve that. Also, working with these globally famous K-pop bands, like EXO and Blackpink, surely requires a lot of skills. 

Who Is Bada Lee?
Bada Lee (Credit: badalee_/Instagram)

Bada Lee’s career started after she actively participated in the dance group CUPCAKES between the years 2015 and 2016. At present, she is housed at JustJerk Academy. To the newbies, it is a South Korean dance studio and crew that was put together by the famous dance team – JustJerk from Street Man Fighter. Guess what? Previously, Bada Lee used to be a student of JustJerk’s J HO. 

But Bada Lee didn’t stop herself. Despite working in a crew, she started uploading her self-made choreography on social media. No wonder she looks very confident while dancing, as always. Overall, Bada Lee has a solid fanbase. 

When it comes to Bada Lee’s prominence, she worked with Blackpink’s Lisa and EXO’s Kai as the background dancer. Some of her works include – Next Level (Aespa), 90’s Love (NCT), Action Figure (WayV), Maverick (The Boyz) and many more. 

Recently, she participated in Street Woman Fighter 2 Season 3. Bada Lee created her dance group – BEBE, last year. She participated in the show with her group. Yes, she is its leader. In short, we may say that she has a remarkable and unarguably talented skill in dancing.

Who Is Bada Lee?
Bada Lee (Credits: @badalee_/Instagram)

Friendship With Kpop Idols Like V

Bada Lee’s friendship with the Kpop idols earned her additional fanbase, and some are shocked, too. Well, Bada Lee and V released a TikTok video of the two doing the Smoke Challenge with fellow K-pop choreographer- Goff. 

Witnessing the two together at the Noice event, fans cherish their friendship. Everyone is hoping for more interaction and content on social media. Now, Bada Lee is making headlines for her performances in Street Woman Fighter 2. 


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