Who Is Les Dennis’ Comedy Partner? Meet The Stars Of The Laughter Show

Who is Les Dennis’ comedy partner? The Laughter Show star is currently at the top of the news as he was left ”traumatized” after walking in on his parents bonking. Over the years, Les Dennis made several headlines for his comedies. But who is the person he is mostly associated with? That’s our today’s concern. 

Les Dennis is an incredible TV presenter hailing from Liverpool. Born in 1953, he is now 69 years old. When it comes to his presentation works, he is mainly known for the show – Family Fortunes. Less worked from 1987 to 2002, that’s quite for a long time. 

As a comedy actor, Les Dennis is quite successful in his life. In this field, some of his noteworthy works are- Intimate Relations, Casualty, Pilgrimage: Road to Rome, The Madame Blanc Mysteries, and Death In Paradise. 

Being a huge fan of Les Dennis, did you not watch Coronation Street? He portrayed the character of Michael Rodwell. This year, Les took an active participation in Strictly Come Dancing. 

This time, fans aren’t much concerned about Les Dennis’ love interest but about his comedy partner. Back in the 1980s, he earned a massive success for The Laughter Show. But, he was not the only one for the ITV show; he partnered with another great comedian. Here is what we know about Les Dennis’ comedy partner. 

Who Is Les Dennis' Comedy Partner?
Les Dennis (Credits: The Mirror)

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Meet Les Dennis’ Comedy Partner 

Talking about Les Dennis’ comedy partner, he was Dustin Gee. The two earned massive success from The Laughter Show. In case you are wondering, Dustin Gee isn’t his original name. He was called Gerald Harrison and also worked as an impressionist. 

We are discussing more about Les Dennis’ comedy partner, Dustin Gee, who passed away at a pretty early age. More precisely, he was just 43 years old at the time. The cause of his sudden pass away was a massive heart attack. Overall, Les Dennis and Dustin Gee earned enough fame for their double act.  

While we talk about Les Dennis’ comedy partner, it also calls for the discussion of his failed marriage with Amanda Holden. At the time of their separation, it was reported that his then-wife, Amanda, shared an extramarital affair with Neil Morrissey.

But, in reality, it wasn’t at all true. It was all because of the sudden demise of the comedian Dustin Gee. Les didn’t used to take stock of his emotions after his fellow comedian mate’s death. In addition to that, the former also got persuaded by the network’s (ITV) producers to go back on stage.

That was right on the following day of Dustin’s death. On this note, Les said, “I think my first marriage fell apart because I didn’t take stock.”  

Who Is Les Dennis' Comedy Partner?
Les Dennis and his comedy partner, Dustin Gee (Credits: Daily Mail)

Even though Les Dennis and Dustin Gee worked together just for a couple of years for The Laughter Show, their bond was very strong. Les was the one who saw his death from close.

The two performed as the Ugly Sisters in the Cinderella pantomime at Southport Theatre. Dustin clutched his left arm, and when they reached their dressing room, he said to Les, “I think I am dying.” Les saw him collapsing and becoming senseless. 

It feels bad to accept that we will no longer be able to see Les Dennis and Dustin Gee performing together. But, we shall continue cherishing their works. Best Wishes to Les Dennis for the upcoming days of his life. Make sure to follow The Laughter Show star Les on his social media account for more updates. 

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