Why Did Serene Russell And Brandon Jones Break Up? Bachelor in Paradise Couple

It’s very saddening for the Bachelor in Paradise fans to accept the news of Serene Russell and Brandon Jones’s break up. But, that’s the harsh truth and life never stops for anyone. Not everyone knows that they fell in love at first sight, in Mexico. Serene and Brandon took their relationship to a different level by getting engaged. Unfortunately, it simply didn’t work. Despite the harsh fact, the question remains – what happened to them? 

Serene Russell is a model who started her career with The Tabb Agency and Wilhelmina Denver. Before getting on to The Bachelor Season 26, she served as an elementary school teacher, in Oklahoma City. 

On the other hand, Brandon Jones hails from Portland and is professionally a traveling nurse recruiter. He participated in The Bachelorette Season 18 and successfully took away the runner-up position. 

As hinted in the title itself, Serene Russell and Brandon Jones met each other on the set of Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. They won the show and ended up getting engaged. But, in May 2023, the pair called it off. Eventually, this news went viral on social media, and everyone wondered about the real cause. Here is what we know about why Serene Russell and Brandon Jones break up. 

Why Did Serene Russell And Brandon Jones Break Up?
Serene Russell and Brandon Jones sharing a kiss: The Bachelor in Paradise couple used to be madly in love with each other but their relationship failed (Credit: People)

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Serene Russell And Brandon Jones Break Up: Everything To Know

To be more particular about the split, Serene Russell and Brandon Jones ended their engagement on 8 May 2023. The news was and is still very shocking to many. Both Serene and Brandon tried to make their relationship work. But, it failed, as it was not meant to last. 

Following the news of their sudden separation, several rumors sparked stating Brandon cheating on his fiancee, Serene. Is that true? Discussing more about it, fans got more shocked by an alleged post on Twitter that went viral in less than a month. The clip showed Brandon getting cozy with another woman at Superstition, a club in Texas. It was later confirmed that Serene Russell had seen the video and was aware of that. However, she didn’t open up if their separation had something to do with a third party. 

In their joint statement, Brandon and Serene said, “The best path for us at this time is to try and move forward and heal from this as individuals.” Therefore, despite calling it quits, both seem to be sharing a friendly bond. 

Why Did Serene Russell And Brandon Jones Break Up?
Serene Russell and Brandon Jones (Credit: Reality TV World)

Fans are highly disappointed with the news of Serene and Brandon’s split. One even commented that “love is dead.” They were considered as one of the best bachelor couples. 

The major reason behind Serene Russell and Brandon Jones calling it quits is still unknown. But, getting cozy with another woman isn’t acceptable at all. Many have already started showing him hatred for the same. Still, neither of them passed any comment about the cheating allegations made against Brandon. 

These days, most people do have commitment issues. Some fail to keep their word, which is more disturbing. At the time of their relationship, Brandon once addressed Serene to be his “best friend.” Not only that, he also shared that he would love her “until the end of the time.” On this note, Brandon said, “I will love you until my last breath and I want to start forever with you.” We wonder what and how much he meant at the time. 

Also, it would be wrong to blame Brandon Jones solely. Marriages are all written in our destiny and nobody can be held responsible for that. We may conclude it on a positive note thinking that Serene and Brandon weren’t made for each other. 

Best Wishes to both, Serene Russell and Brandon Jones for the upcoming days of their respective lives. Even though they aren’t together anymore as a couple, the two root for each other. That’s indeed a great thing. 

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