WWE Star’s Bittersweet Retirement After 289-Day Title Battle

“289 days of Terror” is finally over. The former WWE superstar does not have his championship anymore. This means that now he has to stop wrestling and retire from the sport. This is happening when the superstar is 50 years old. EC3 has finally defeated Tyrus in a match between these two former WWE wrestlers.

In a match that was prepared for a long time, Tyrus, who is the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, defended his title at NWA 75. He was going against someone he knew well from their time in wrestling- EC3. These two had a big fight in the main event of the event’s second night.

Because of what recently happened, Tyrus is finished with his wrestling career. The match between EC3 and Tyrus was special because they were linked by a Bullrope. EC3 only accepted this condition because Tyrus had also decided that his career and title were at stake.

Tyrus had been ruling in a scary way for 289 days before they finally fought in the ring, and this was a memorable match for the ex-WWE stars.

Finally, EC3 won and beat Tyrus. Because of this, Tyrus has to leave wrestling, and EC3 is now the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. This is the first time in a long time that EC3 has held a championship. It will be cool to watch and see how his time as the champion goes.

EC3’s words on winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship 

EC3 speaks up for the first time after becoming the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion at NWA 75. In a video shared on NWA’s social media on Monday, August 28, EC3 talks about his great victory against Tyrus. This victory made him the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion for the very first time in his career.

EC3 defeated Tyrus in NWA 75 (Credits: Wrestling Observer)

EC3 wrote that, in expected times like these, genuine, unfiltered emotions arise. These moments are born from the most cherished form of art and physical display we’ve grown to adore- professional wrestling. No blank page or scripted lines guide these emotions; these are real and untamed. In this instant, within these emotions, EC3 has become who he was supposed to be.

EC3 said that he had received an amazing gift- this roster, this company. Another wonderful gift was his opponent, Tyrus. EC3 says that Tyrus generously sacrificed himself to help me become the world’s heavyweight champion. This was EC3’s third world heavyweight championship, but getting to this third win was a path of hardship for him. 

Later, EC3 writes that his past has not been easy for him, and was very tough. He felt broken in body, mind, heart, and emotions. Friendships ended, and relationships shattered. It is the sufferings that enabled EC3 to achieve greatness.

He says that suffering is not about playing the victim or wallowing; it is about conquering, and achieving. Suffering is an important gift because it provides something to push back against, something to strive for.

EC3 ended his speech by saying that he has many reasons to keep fighting as the new NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion.  

Tyrus and EC3 fighting in the NWA 75 (Credits: Yahoo)

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Tyrus’s career in wrestling

Tyrus started in 2006 when he signed up with WWE’s training program. He was known as Brodus Clay and had a notable time there, especially when he became The Funkasaurus. Later, he became a villain, and WWE let him go in 2014. After that, he joined TNA and teamed up with Etha Carter III (EC3).

He left in 2014 and came back in 2016. and left again in 2017. He had another short time with TNA in 2018.

Tyrus started at NWA Back For The Attack 2021. While he was there, he not only became the world champion but also won the NWA World Television Championship.

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