Disturbing Behavior Filming Locations: Where Is The Horror Movie Shot?

James Marsden, Katie Holmes, and Nick Stahl feature in the juvenile science fiction psychological horror movie Disturbing Behavior from 1998. The X-Files producer and director David Nutter directed, and Scott Rosenberg wrote the screenplay for the movie.

The story centers on a group of high school outcasts who learn that their “Blue Ribbon” classmates, who appear flawless, participate in a complex mind-control experiment.

On July 24, 1998, the movie debuted, which pays homage to the 1975 thriller The Stepford Wives. Before its theatrical debut, the movie underwent several studio-mandated edits from MGM in response to poor test screenings. The release of a director’s cut version that includes the deleted scenes has received a lot of praise from the audience.

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Disturbing Behavior Filming Locations

There is no detailed description of the filming locations, but here are some locations. Canada, Kitsilano Secondary School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. North Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada.  

Disturbing Behavior
Still From Disturbing Behavior (Credit: MGM Distribution Co.)

Plot Of The Movie

Steve Clark, a sophomore in high school, is new to Cradle Bay, a charming island town in Washington State’s Puget Sound. After the suicide of his oldest son Allen, a loss Steve is still coming to terms with, his family left Chicago. Gavin Strick, U.V., and Rachel Wagner are three outsider students whom Steve befriends on his first day of school.

He also meets Dr. Edgar Caldicott, a school psychologist, who advises him to enroll in the Blue Ribbons program, a “motivational workshop.” The Blue Ribbons, a group of posh, well-groomed overachievers, try to enlist Steve, but Gavin warns him off, saying they are a deadly cult that has been “lobotomized and brainwashed” by Caldicott.

Despite having doubts about the notion, Steve avoids approaching the Ribbons. Chug, a Blue Ribbon drawn to Rachel, approaches her outside a grocery shop. He bursts into a passion and viciously attacks a man inside the store when he sees Rachel wearing a midriff-baring dress.

Officer Cox, the town’s police head, observes as Chug almost kills him. Rachel explains that it must have been ‘roid fury when Steve questions what happened. Once more convinced about his notion of mind control, Gavin produces images of previous burnout pals who have been “reprogrammed” into Blue Ribbons.

When Caldicott’s parents’ meeting occurs, Gavin and Steve snoop on it from a school hiding. After learning that his parents enrolled him in the Blue Ribbons, Gavin displays a gun to Steve that he intends to use on potential brainwashers.

He is referred to be paranoid by Steve, who also takes the rifle from him. Gavin arrives at school the following day with a completely changed appearance and attitude befitting the Blue Ribbons. Gavin tries to get Steve but is blocked by other Blue Ribbons. The clique beats him up, with Gavin dealing the killing blow.

He returns home to find Blue Ribbon member Lorna tutoring his younger sister Lindsay in the living room. While attempting to entice him, Lorna erupts into a furious rage due to her excitement.

She repeatedly yells, “Wrong, bad,” smashes a wall mirror with her head, and lunges at Steve with a piece of glass, but Steve manages to calm her down, and she comes to her senses.

Chug has cornered Rachel one day in the school’s boiler room when a rat-repelling mechanism that emits a mild, high-pitched whine goes off, driving Chug into a rage.

Disturbing Behavior
Still From Disturbing Behavior (Credit: MGM Distribution Co.)

Chug discovers the contraption and destroys it as Rachel flees. Steve’s friend and fellow janitor, Mr. Newberry, is present when the incident occurs. In pursuit of solutions, Steve and Rachel visit a nearby mental health facility.

They discover Gavin was correct: Caldicott is implanting brain microchips on minors with parental consent to rewire their children from juvenile offenders into model citizens. Caldicott could not stop the children’s hormones, which led to violent outbursts whenever the subjects’ sexual impulses flared up.

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