Is Sarah Cameron Pregnant In Outer Banks Season 4? Sarah’s Relation With JJ, Topper, And John B

The production team of Outer Banks has not done with the filming yet, and the fourth season may arrive between May and August 2024, while the fans are eagerly waiting for it. John B. Routledge and Sarah Cameron were in love in the third season, and now, the question arises: Is Sarah Cameron Pregnant In Season 4?

Outer Banks Season 3 entertained us through emotions, surprising twists, the bitter-sweet relationship between the Pogues and the Kooks, and the treasure hunt, adding some flavor and excitement for the upcoming season.

The article states that Sarah confesses to getting pregnant with one person’s baby and continues to cheat with another, though she is in a relationship with the third. Sarah’s relationship status has been through a roller coaster throughout the series, and the article will clarify it.

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Is Sarah Cameron Pregnant In Season 4?

Sarah announced her pregnancy at the beginning of the third season, stating that the child belongs to JJ Maybank instead of John B. Earlier, she had confessed to cheating on John B. with his best friend, JJ, which shocked John B. and their close friends.

Confused, Sarah publicly breaks up with John B. and takes one more wrong step by going to Topper for comfort. John B. fights with Topper, and Sarah realizes her mistake. Topper uses his influence, and John B. gets arrested for beating Topper until he gets conscious. It is how John B. paid for challenging Topper’s masculinity and ego.

Sarah insists Topper not press charges on John B and gets John B out of jail on bail. Sarah and John B. get together to overcome their past trauma. Moreover, their fathers die, and the two get closer. It strengthens their bond by the end of the third season.

The Pogue life chooses Sarah because she chooses it. According to the third season, Sarah and John B are together, spending their lives with love, and run a surf shop together.

Rudy Pankow as JJ Maybank And Austin North as Topper In Outer Banks
Rudy Pankow as JJ Maybank And Austin North as Topper In Outer Banks (Credits: JACKSON LEE DAVIS/NETFLIX)

Sarah Cameron And John B. Routledge

Sarah and John B’s relationship was the center of attraction in the first season. They came from distinct backgrounds and proved that a person gets known by his choices instead of the background. They had a heartfelt unofficial wedding ceremony in the Bahamas and stood for each other until Sarah got pulled toward her ex-boyfriend, Topper.

Sarah sacrificed everything and got into the Pogues. She was missing her previous life, though John B. was accompanying her. Thus, Sarah must have turned to her ex-boyfriend, Topper, according to Madelyn Cline (who plays Sarah Cameron).

John B. again allowed Sarah to enter his life by the end of the third season, but some viewers might not like it. However, it is better than turning to Topper, who had put John B’s house on fire while Sarah and some Pogues were still inside. Thankfully, they managed to escape and survive.

Thus, the viewers do not find chances for a romantic relationship between Topper and Sarah at this point.

Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron And Chase Stokes as John B. Routledge In Outer Banks
Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron And Chase Stokes as John B. Routledge In Outer Banks (Credits: JACKSON LEE DAVIS/NETFLIX)

How Did Sarah Cheat John B?

According to Outer Banks Season 3 Episode 6, The Dark Forest, John B and his father, Big John, found an idol and returned to their hometown. However, Big John asks his son not to tell his friends, including Sarah, anything about it because he does not trust Sarah and her family.

Sarah pressurizes John B. to open his mouth after smelling something fishy. However, instead of getting to the point, he disrespects her father and mentions how her father tried to kill her. Sarah gets hurt and leaves the place.

After finding no place to stay, homeless Sarah remembers the only option, Topper. On the one hand, she breaks up with John B. On the other hand, Topper offers her the love she is craving. It is how Sarah cheats on John B with Topper. Realizing her mistake, Sarah confesses that she cheated on John B, who, in return, beats Topper until he gets unconscious, nearly killing him.

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