Revelation of MAPPA’s Horrible Working Conditions: By Staffs

The Jujutsu Kaisen fans have just been thrilled to have the release of season 2, episode 14, streaming on Netflix and Crunchyroll, but they have also noticed the animation quality of it. Based on their reviews of the animation, it seems it has disappointed them, and the animation was not as expected.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2, episode 14, received a lot of criticism due to its animation quality. The rumor of the horrible workplace in the studio for the employees was also confirmed by the employees and working staff as well. They have been suffering from this condition for a while now, but after a lot of tries and complaints to fix the issues, they decided to come forward with their sufferings and mask off the reality of MAPPA.

Based on the previous discussions that have been happening online between the fans and the interaction that has taken place with the employees, it’s clear that the studio has forgotten the lesson they learned from their previous mistakes.

The animators of the studio finally decided to speak up and let the world know what was happening to them in the studio. They’ve also mentioned how much stress the studio and the production plans have been giving them, as well as how much they are concerned about them.

The animation quality of the season 2 episode 16 has disappointed the fans (Credits: @jujutsukaisen/Instagram)
The animation quality of the season 2 episode 16 has disappointed the fans (Credits: @jujutsukaisen/Instagram)

MAPPA’s mask falls off 

After the criticized reviews of the animation in season 2 of episode 14, the animators of the studio also came up with the issue that they have been facing. They started tweeting their issues, after which it was also heard that the studio had made the staff sign a contract, which stopped them from speaking against the studio.

On the path of MAPPA animators expressing the horrible working conditions of Jujutsu Kaisen, Honehone’s tweet was the most recent one to cause a surge. In that tweet, he explained all the administration of the studio. The condition has almost made the animators die from the inside.

Honehone has given a clear picture of the administration of the studio, which only has concerns about the end results but never does anything to improve the situation or conditions for the staff. It was also mentioned that this carelessness has been consistent since Jujutsu Kaisen 0 staff members. Based on the events that he had noticed happening with and around him.

It is known to everyone that an average anime feature film normally needs a time period of 2 to 3 years to be animated. Whereas the studio animated the prequel story of the movie in just four months. This attests to how much pressure the animators are subjected to by the studio, especially in the absence of a pleasant working environment.

People around are tweeting and reveling the real face of MAPPA (Credits: Reddit)
People around are tweeting and revealing the real face of MAPPA (Credits: Reddit)

How have other staff reacted?

Honehone seems to light up a spark of courage among other suffering staff as well. After his tweet, many others came forward, claiming their sufferings as well.

Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 episode 13 director and storyboard Arai Kazuto made a revelation that the staff had requested the production committee for the delay as the expected work was not possible to be delivered, but it was denied. In fact, the episodes were getting animated just a couple of hours before they were to be aired, which proves the bad production planning it has.

The director of episode 12, Ookubo Shunsuke, used an image from Shirobako (an anime series based on producing anime). The animator character of the series has been seen hanging herself with a look of tiredness on her face, which seems best for the depiction of the situation of MAPPA staff. He also tweeted earlier that the staff might abandon the production at some point.

Ookubo Shunsuke uses an image from Shirobako to portray their condition at the moment (credits: @wuokb/twitter)
Ookubo Shunsuke uses an image from Shirobako to portray their condition at the moment (Credits: @wuokb/Twitter)

Even animator Hakuyu Go shared his thoughts in concern for the situation. The animator thinks that MAPPA wants to win over the light that Kyoto Animation and Ufotable have achieved. To compete with its competitors, MAPPA seems to have forgotten that its competitors are not making its staff work in poor conditions.

Henceforth, in order to achieve success, the studio should also improve its working environment. To be a success, one has to provide their staff with a better working environment so they can deliver their work properly.


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