Gianmarco Soresi talks Jeff Goldblum impression and favourite podcasts

New York comedian Gianmarco Soresi landed at New Westminster’s Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy for series of August shows.

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New York-based comic Gianmarco Soresi has told jokes on The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Real Housewives of New York City and all manner of outlets in-between. He also sports an acting resume that includes credits in Billy Crystal and Jennifer Lopez projects.

Now, Soresi appeared at New West’s Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy from Aug. 3-5.

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Postmedia News reached out to ask him a few questions, including what’s up with that Jeff Goldblum impression?

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Q: You’re playing a handful of nights in a row when you’re here. What are the benefits and downsides of multiple gigs in one place?

A: There are so many benefits to having multiple gigs in one place. I can learn about the city, craft some new local jokes that I can build on each time I come back through town (I have literally five minutes of material about the Edmonton mall), eat at all the places, do the art museum that I don’t actually care about going to, decide when America collapses if this is a place I could potentially live, etc.

Q: Do you explore the places you are in?

A: As much as I can. I’ve learned that once you’ve been to a couple art museums … you’ve been to them all. I don’t need to see another painting of Jesus or a Picasso sketch that was never meant to be framed. My goal is always to find some kind of activity. If this place has a river, I want to take a fly-fishing lesson, if there’s an escape room and I can blackmail the openers to go with me, we’re doing it. Don’t know what I’m supposed to do in Vancouver — maple syrup tasting? A moose ride? Please keep me posted.

Q: What do lifelong New Yorkers worry most about when they have to leave the city?

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A: Wherever we’re going, will people be walking fast enough? Will we be kicked out of a Starbucks for talking too loudly on our phones? Will we prevent ourselves from guilting Canadians for all the smoke they sent our city this past month? For me, I think the biggest thought I have is, “What are the general politics of where I’m performing?” and, “If they generally disagree with me on fundamental points, will I have the chutzpah to tell the joke anyways?” But I feel fine about Vancouver.

photo of Gianmarco Soresi
New York comedian Gianmarco Soresi. Photo by Mindy Tucker /jpg

Q: Your bio has some interesting highlights. It says: “occasional Jeff Goldblum impressionist,” and that you have been on the Real Housewives of New York City. Can you explain please?

A: I’d been compared to Jeff Goldblum that I decided it was necessary to master an impression — lest he commits some sort of crime in the next 15 years, and they need me to portray him in a Lifetime movie. But after I got to do the impression in the Billy Crystal movie Here Today, I tried retiring it. My goal now is for Jeff Goldblum to feel the need to learn how to do an impression of me. Re: Housewives. I got asked by a friend to do a comedy show in tandem with a live podcast taping and when I got there, dozens of cameras hovered not on the performers but a group of women eating dinner while “watching” the show. I learned that they were the Real Housewives of New York, proceeded to bomb for 15 minutes, and then thanked the Lord when they only showed three seconds of my set in the aired episode.

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Q: Speaking of your career, where do you fall on the question of what do you like best: standup, acting, podcasting?

A: Standup. Simply because I need constant feedback to guide my creative process and standup provides that.

Q: What are some future acting gigs we should watch out for?

A: NONE! That’s why I have to do so much standup. That well has been running dry! Thank God I can now blame the writers’ strike.

Q: What do you think is the key to success in the TikTok world?

A: Starting your account in 2020. It’s obviously much harder to break through now but I think the clearest way to build an account (not necessarily creatively speaking) is to find some kind of thing/sketch/premise that pops and then constantly make videos in that same vein. For me it was telling jokes straight to the camera (not something I invented, obviously), but had enough material to release one a day. Now I do more crowd work/podcast clips. It’s a slog, it’s robbed me of so much of my life, and any fulfilment lasts point-two seconds at most (or until the next video you post bombs).

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a standup comedian?

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A: When I failed at acting and realized I still wanted people to pay attention to me, en mass, in-person. I wrote a play to try to boost my acting profile and found that all the positive feedback came from when I was talking to the audience. And I was just at that age where you stop trying to be what you want to be and accept what you’re meant to be.

Q: Aside from your own podcast, The Downside, what podcasts from other comedians do you recommend someone listen to?

A: I’m an Anthony Jeselnik fanboy to an embarrassing degree. His podcast JRVP is my go-to. And then I like all the classic comedy interview ones, You Made it Weird, WTF, and I’m enjoying Mike Birbiglia’s Working it Out very much.

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