Nina Dobrev and Shaun White Share Heartwarming Couple Captures

Among the darling couples of Hollywood, the name of Nina Dobrev and Shaun White takes the top seats. They are as sweet as sugar among the fans and followers. 

It is not surprising that Nina Dobrev and Shaun White, who have been together for three years, have had many lovely moments together. Their love story started in March 2020 when people’s rumors spread like wildfire about them being together after they were spotted having a bike ride in Malibu.

Spending their time as a couple, they have had some really nice and beautiful moments, like cutting each other’s hair during quarantine and going on beach trips with their friends.

Some of Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s adorable moments will melt your heart

On Valentine’s Day, Nina Dobrev shared a sweet message for White on her Instagram. She also posted some cozy pictures of the two of them cuddling closely. 

In her post, she talked about how their life together has both serious and fun times and how quickly they switch between them. She thanked him for always making her happy and wished him a happy Valentine’s Day, tagging Shaun White in the post.

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White
Nina Dobrev and Shaun White (Credits:

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Once Shaun White stopped being a professional snowboarder in 2022, the couple chose to go on a sunny vacation in the tropics.

When they were in London, the couple dressed in matching white outfits and made everyone notice them. Shaun wore a stylish white blazer suit, pairing it with black pants, and Nina looked classy in a long white dress. She had her hair in a neat bun and red lipstick that made her stand out.

Nina shared some nice pictures of her partner chilling on their grass. Under these pictures on her social media, Nina wrote a sweet message for Shaun White in the caption.

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s relationship timeline

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s love story may have begun during a period of quarantine, but their commitment to each other is for a long time. 

Although they initially crossed paths briefly at an awards show in 2012, it was not until 2019 that they were properly introduced. Their romantic journey began in March 2020, when dating rumors started circulating after they were seen going on a bike ride together in Malibu.

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White
Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s candid moments together (Credits: PEOPLE)

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Skipping to April 18, 2020, after being together for a few months, the couple decided to tell everyone on Instagram that they were in a relationship.

They posted pictures where Nina Dobrev was cutting White’s hair while they were stuck at home because of quarantine. But they did not just stop at that. They also started a him improvement project together and painted the whole outside of Debrov’s home.

During their time as a couple, they always let their fans know what they were up to by posting sweet stuff on Instagram. This was very clear when Shaun White was getting ready for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Nina Dobrev showed that she was his biggest supporter and fan as he was going to his last Olympics. 

In January 2022, White showed how thankful he was to Nina. He said she was incredibly supportive and amazing during his whole journey. When the pandemic was going on, she was like a real gift, and she made that time in his life really special.

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