Who Is Cariba Heine Dating? The H2O Actress’ Love Life

Want to know who Cariba Heine is dating? These days, the actress is currently making headlines for her portrayal as Rikki Chadwick in H2O: Just Add Water. Keeping this aside, what fans are more interested in and curious about is Cariba Heine’s boyfriend. Who is she romantically related to at present? 

Cariba Heine is a versatile actress who rose to fame for playing Bridget Sanchez in Blue Water High Season 3. Hailing from Johannesburg, she is now 34 years old. Some of Cariba’s other notable acting credits are – A Model Daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne, Bait 3D, and Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, Dance Academy, and The Secrets She Keeps. 

Being a huge fan of Cariba Heine, did you not watch her latest work: Wellmania? She played Goldie, and it’s available on Netflix. 

Not everyone knows Cariba Heine also excels in dancing. She is a trained dancer and knows various forms such as jazz dance, classical ballet, tap dance, acrobatics, etc. 

Coming back to Cariba Heine’s personal life, she is in a long-term relationship already. To be more precise, it’s been more than a decade since their romantic affair. So, who is that person? Here is what we know about who Cariba Heine is dating. 

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Cariba Heine Dating: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Cariba Heine is possibly dating Jamie Timony. To be more particular about their relationship, it is reported to have started back in 2008. What is Jamie Timony’s identity? Well, he is an actor. 

Who Is Cariba Heine Dating?
Cariba Heine (Credits: @caribaheine/instagram)

However, one must note that Cariba Heine’s current relationship status is very much confusing. The H2O actress is a very private person and doesn’t like to discuss things about her love life in front of the media. These days, Cariba and Jamie don’t get spotted together. Can we assume that the two broke up? Well, it would be unsafe just because of the lack of evidence. 

In recent days, Cariba Heine hasn’t been spotted with anyone suspicious. Therefore, it became difficult for fans to suspect if she met a new person in life. 

Wait, the speculation of who Cariba Heine was didn’t stop right there. It is reported that this year, she got engaged to her beau, Matt. Nothing much about him is publicized yet. One must note that Cariba didn’t seem to wear any wedding band. So, is that a hoax? We wonder. 

Overall, Cariba Heine’s relationship status is very fishy to each of her fans. Since she is in the middle of her 30s, many of her fans are convinced that Cariba must have secretly tied the knot. These days, age doesn’t play a major factor in marriage.

In other words, there is no relationship between her being 34 and married at the same time. Also, Cariba Heine never talked about her willingness to exchange vows or expand her family. 

Best wishes to Cariba Heine for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure to follow the H2O actress, the real-life Rikki, who is Cariba, on her Instagram account for more updates. We would love it if Cariba Heine opened up about her dating life. 

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