Who Is Chelsee Healey’s Baby Daddy? The Waterloo Road Star’s Love Life

Want to know who Chelsee Healey’s baby daddy is? The Waterloo Road actress is currently making headlines as she is now expecting her second baby. Congrats! But the question is- who is the father of this unborn child? In case you didn’t know, Chelsee already serves as the mother of one cute daughter. However, she shares her with her ex-boyfriend. Who is he? 

Chelsee Healey is a great actress from Salford, Greater Manchester. At present, she is in her 30s. In Waterloo Road, we saw Chelsee portraying the character of Janeece Bryant. Some of her other notable acting credits include Casualty, Hollyoaks, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Burn It, Doctors, etc. 

Not to forget to mention, Chelsee Healey is also a great dancer. Last year, she took an active participation in The Real Dirty Dancing. How can we forget to mention that Chelsee ended up making it to the runner-up position in Strictly Come Dancing Season 9? In case you forgot, she was partnered with Pasha Kovalev. 

Coming back to Chelsee Healey’s baby daddy, that’s not just one, but two. With her ex-boyfriend, Chelsee is an amicable co-parent of her daughter. Who is the person? On the other hand, the father of her unborn baby is also under question. Here is what we know about Chelsee Healey’s baby daddy. 

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Meet Chelsee Healey’s Baby Daddy: Who Are They? 

Well, Chelsee Healey’s baby daddy is her ex-boyfriend, Jack Molloy. It was in July 2017 when the former couple welcomed their baby daughter- Coco. Sending her loads of love! But what is Jack Molloy’s identity?

Who Is Chelsee Healey's Baby Daddy
Chelsee Healey’s baby daddy: Jack Molloy (Credits: Daily Mail)

Very little is known about Chelsee Healey’s baby daddy- Jack Molloy. Not everyone knows that he was once sentenced to jail for a year or so. Why? Jack admitted to driving dangerously, using a vehicle without insurance. Not only that, he also drove while disqualified. This imprisonment possibly took a toll on their relationship. 

As mentioned above, Chelsee and Jack broke up after a few months of Coco’s birth. Since they co-parent, we believe that they are on decent terms. During an interview, when asked about Chelsee Healey’s baby daddy, the actress once shared that Jack isn’t a bad person but has made some mistakes.

She didn’t cite anything in detail, though. However, it was reported that Jack was not there with her during Coco’s delivery. Chelsee’s mother took proper care of her during those delicate days of her pregnancy. Chelsee is still friends with her baby daddy – Jack Molloy. She further shared that every other weekend, Coco travels to London to be with her father- Jack. 

What about Chelsee Healey’s baby daddy- the one with whom she is expecting her second child? He is mysterious. The Waterloo Road actress has become very secretive about her love life and, therefore, hidden her romantic interest. But, in an interview, Chelsee shared that her second baby daddy is very caring and understanding towards her. That’s a good thing! 

Who Is Chelsee Healey's Baby Daddy
Chelsee Healey (Credits: Closer)

Concerning her second child, Chelsee Healey shared that she is “shocked” but “excited.” That’s both at the same time. She is an experienced mother. But, she addressed her second pregnancy as “unplanned” and “nice accident.” On this note, Chelsee added saying, “I’m so excited to be pregnant again. I feel like the timing is just right.”

Overall, Chelsee Healey’s second baby daddy is yet to be publicized. The actress seems to be taking some time. And that is probably because of her serious yet failed relationship with Jack Molloy. For now, let’s just hope for Chelsee’s well-being. It’s a crucial time for her. Best Wishes! Make sure to follow the Hollyoaks actress Chelsee on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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